Sobaya GOHEI making soba gallery

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mizu mawashi

Add water to base powder [2kg soba10:flour2] several times.
At first, add 90% of water to base powder and mix it.
Use some mat not to fix bowl while kneading
Open hands and mix it quickly.
This is very important to making soba.
If you got some phone call, you must not pick up phone.
mixed soba
Then knead it


Knead whole of mass
Knead it until mass get smooth.

Kiku momi

Bring outside of mass to inside.

Heso dasi

Make cone shape.


Push top of cone and make round shape.
Extend it to same height.

Maru dashi

Extend with stick.

Kaku dashi (making 4 corner)

Make square shape.
Sprinkle soba powder and roll to stick.
Round and round
Turn 90 degree and open it.
Sprinkle soba powder.
Roll to stick.
Got square shape.

Kakudashi (making 4 corner)

Turn 180 degree and roll to stick
Thin soba.
Fold and sprinkle soba powder.
Fold and cut.
Got 12 layer.
Cut same width
Remove wasted soba powder.
Remove wasted soba powder.
Box in and goto refrigerator.