About GOHEI's Soba

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The buckwheat noodle [Soba] is made from buckwheat powder, flour and water.
We use only buckwheat seed cultivated in Japan especially Sinshu, Hokkaido and Ibaraki.
Not only the quality of buckwheat seed but also water is important.
We select Azumino natural water to make Soba.

You can taste these Soba whatever menu you order. We are waiting for you and taste one of the traditional Japanese food.

About buckwheat powder

Figure of buckwheat seed We have to break hard husk to make buckwheat powder.
Break husk with roller or grinder. We got a core of buckwheat seed and some separate piece of the buckwheat seed. This time, we have got also detailed powder from the core. We call it "Hanako" used while making soba.
Roughly grind core of buckwheat seed is colored white. Separate core powder and grind other pieces are colored black.

Nowadays, grind method is the best way to get buckwheat powder. Because grinder generates less heat and we got more detailed powder. Heat breaks flavor of buckwheat.
So, we use grinder.

rough particle with roller detailed particle with grinder

Element of buckwheat powder

Protein of buckwheat consists of globulin and albumin. These are easy to melt in water.
Buckwheat seed contains a top amount of protein among all cereals

The starch in buckwheat powder contains amylase and amylopectin. These are easy to be digested.

It also contains rutin, vitamin, minerals and fiber.

Hand-maid soba

We often use flour to make Soba because buckwheat powder itself is hard to merge. To feel the flavor of buckwheat, we should use flour up to 30%.
Handmaid soba different from machine made need "talk" with soba. It contains the philosophy of soba creating. The method of making Soba is very simple, but the depth of "Soba way" is so deep that we have to find a better way to make Soba.

Arabiki Soba

grinder for buchwheat seed We bring Soba that was ground roughly so that you can feel the very basic buckwheat flavor.
We call it "Kikouchi" or "Arabiki" that's made from only buchwheat ground roughly and water.
It looks so hard to make Soba with roughly ground powder like sand, but only a higly skilled master can make it.
Arabiki is a special one because we can't make much buckwheat powder with handy grinder.
We recommend you to eat with only salt at first time.
The salt we deliver is Deep sea salt {Japanese} from Okinawa.
You can feel tasty Soba flavor.
And then, eat it as you like with tuyu, yakumi, etc...

kneading buckwheat
Soba with 60% of water.
Making square shape.
Width : 60㎝ and fold it to 30㎝.
Cutting Arabiki
Cut the folded soba
Soba to the box
Wrap with cooking sheet.
Soba to the box
To the refrigerator

How to eat Soba

Some people say "that owner is carping guy" when I'm saying that the manner of eating Soba.
You can eat any Soba as you like but let me say "Eat Soba as quickly as you can".
Arabiki Soba become dry more easily than normal Soba.
If you order 2 plates of Soba, we are watching you and cook second plate when you have eaten first one.
This is little consideration for you to be able to eat Soba with best condition.
So, please concentrate the Soba in front of you.

The best way to eat Soba is that you have Soba-china with tuyu in a hand, then pick up the little amount of soba with chopsticks in your other hand. Putting Soba to the soba-china about 2/3 to half height of it. Then eat!

Putting all Soba to soba-china is not good.

Normally, wasabi is put to soba-china with tuyu. But some people try to put wasabi onto Soba directly.
There are various ways to eat Soba.
We are using wasabi from Azumino water region [Japanese]. Wasabi are rubbed with each order so that you can taste fresh wasabi.
Some people hate hot foods. But if you try wasabi, a new "hot" world will come to you.
Spring onions are mostly derived from around Matsumoto.
In winter, you can also try hot radish from near Matsumoto. If you like hot meals, don't miss out.

Tuyu is always a supporting player but we are making it with excellent food. We save it with best condition to meet you.